Monday, May 30, 2016


Going to air just in time to make Douglas Cole’s GURPSDay recruiting month goals, it’s Johnny 3d6! So what is this blog actually going to be about? Well, I’m a regular player of Steve Jackson’s Generic Universal Roleplaying System, or GURPS. It’s a dice-based tabletop roleplaying game in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons, but with rules flexible enough to accommodate anything you can imagine, from dragon-slaying knights to telepathic snails seeking to reclaim their homeland with the power of wuxia Snail-Fu.

Specifically, my blog is going to mostly talk about GURPS, with some posts about tabletop RPGs in general, and a few discussions of other tabletop systems I happen to play. I’m anticipating two main “bins” of content:

  • Session Recaps. I’m currently playing in Mr. Insidious’s Prohibition Mobsters game, and I’ve been meaning to blog about that as a way to publicize what we’re up to and help myself keep notes on the twisty conspiracies and huge number of NPCs. I may also be blogging about the Aeon C-Team Agents of Aegis campaign I’m about to start playing with Christopher Rice and some other great players. Or anything other game that comes across my plate.
  • General GURPS/RPG Discussion. I’ve done a decent amount of playing GURPS and teaching other people to do the same, and come to develop opinions about how to go about constructing characters, what kind of play maximizes group fun, and so on. So I've got some things I want to yell about.

And of course there may be some other content if I come up against a set of GURPS rules I really want to talk about, feel compelled to talk about DnD or some other system I play, or find some useful software for roleplaying that I want to discuss. The future is full of possibilities.

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